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When it’s time to fundraise, scale, or “go-to-market”, tech companies often struggle to understand the marketing mix and the overall impact marketing activities can have on the organization. A common challenge faced by organizations providing technical products or services is the ability to clearly articulate their solutions. Developing, managing and executing an effective marketing plan can be a daunting task. By utilizing MaFe, you can articulate a winning marketing strategy that will help you better understand your marketing needs.

As part of MaFe marketing, we come to work every day to find smart solutions for the tech industry. Together, we’re creating amazing solutions and leveraging social platforms to bring in quality leads for our clients. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things; about marketing in the tech industry, and the business strategies that push our clients to the top. This blog documents our findings so that tech companies everywhere, can stay updated, and find the resources they need.

Eager to continue learning and sharing, we will deliver posts on a monthly basis written by the MaFe team on the newest trends in marketing and tech. Each post will offer insights, best practices, humor, wisdom, and the occasional deep thought or two. Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum, so please contribute ideas, make suggestions, and ask questions. With the right team and tools, there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.

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