The Power of Social Media for Tech Companies Part One

The tech world is extremely competitive and the competition is only increasing. Therefore in order to remain cutting edge and stand out among your competitors it is important to think outside of the box. One way to differentiate your company is through creating a strong presence on social media. Social media serves as an outlet to humanize your business and give your company a personality. Though, making a splash on social media and building a strong presence requires developing and implementing a unified social media strategy. When technology companies approach the social media marketplace with a unified social media strategy they are in a better position to track ROI, increase customer satisfaction, hire better quality employees, generate more sales leads and secure brand assets.

Here are a few recommendations on how to get started and help you optimize your company’s social media strategy:

While some may think it may be easier to just start tweeting without any rhyme or reason that is not going to lead to the results you are looking for. Simply being on social media is not good enough. That is why a social media strategy is important. It represents everything that you do on your social media channels and serves as a guide to ensure that your social efforts are aligned with the messaging of your business.
Before getting into the weeds of your strategy, first start with creating goals that are as measurable and concrete as possible. If you want to drive more traffic to your website from your Twitter profile than specify a growth rate you want over a three-month or six-month period. Or if you want to grow your following, then set a goal of increasing your Twitter following by “x” percent. Overall it is important to create a goal for each social media channel, as each platform will have a different focus. Key performance indicator (KPI) reports are a valuable tool to use to track and measure whether or not you are meeting goals.
The objectives of social media for a technology company is different than for a shoe company. Technology companies thrive on social media through customer support or driving the customer retention growth rate. Where as a shoe company may use social media to promote a new product line. Understanding how to drive growth in innovative ways via social media whether that is upselling, cross-selling or crowdsourcing is imperative to the success of your social efforts.
Your technology customers use social media to make informed IT purchasing decisions; they are among the most tech-savvy people out there. Before creating tactics, you will need to understand who your target audience is. This affects the type of content that you will be pushing out and which channels you are going to utilize to reach them. For example, if you are trying to reach the CEO of a large organization, it is more likely that you can reach him/her on LinkedIn than Instagram. Additionally, it is important to know what type of content resonates with your audience. You can start by searching for the terms and phrases that are related to your technology or product. It may be beneficial to conduct an SEO and keyword analysis, so you can identify which words your customers are using and what types of terms you should use your content to reach and engage with them via social media.

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