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Marketing works. But Marketing works best when a company is prepared for Marketing. This means your product, operations, management, and sales are committed to aligning with your Marketing efforts and prepared to capitalize on the power of Marketing. If so, let’s talk.

Amplify Your Voice With MaFe

MaFe provides strategic, measurable, quality and innovative Marketing and Operations for cybersecurity and emerging technologies.

Our customized and comprehensive Marketing approach is designed to help cutting-edge companies:

increase-revenue-iconIncrease Revenue

mrktDevelop sustainable Marketing capabilities

brand Strengthen your brand

Marketing Plan

Development and Execution of Strategic Marketing Plan

Tailored to your target market and company objectives, MaFe works with each company to understand the market, competitors and company differentiators to develop a custom and comprehensive Marketing strategy optimized to meet your goals.

Brand Development and Management

Graphic Design and Branding

To help companies find and amplify their voice, we identify, improve, and develop the basics needed to support your brand and amplify your voice including logo, website, collateral, promo items, etc.

Content Marketing

Creating and Distributing Valuable Content

Content is King. MaFe leverages a company’s products, services and people to develop targeted, unique, and profitable content and distribution strategy.

Lead Generation and Management

Marketing and Operational Systems

Competing in today’s digital landscape requires a top-of-mind approach that reminds your target clients that you have the best solution. MaFe specializes in Email Marketing Automation, Social Media, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Events to support comprehensive Marketing campaigns that yield new business.


With every engagement, results are a priority and critical to building a healthy, scalable, and sustainable Marketing program.

All lead generation and Marketing efforts are implemented with analytics and measurable ROI capabilities.

How we can help.

Developing and executing your Marketing plan, with analytics built in, is key to a company’s ability to profit from Marketing. While there is no shortage of Marketing and Sales Enablement tools and recommendations, a “one size fits all” approach creates risk.

With proper Market analysis and understanding of company objectives, MaFe takes a custom and comprehensive approach during a 6-12+ engagement to identify, develop and execute the best Marketing Mix that results in revenue and company growth.

During a 3-6 month engagement, MaFe works with you to identify and execute on the top 3-5 areas of your Marketing Mix.

There are various assets that make up a company’s Marketing program and branding efforts. With quality top-of-mind, MaFe can help create those key elements in a short period of time including:

  • Logo
  • Collateral
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • PPT presentations
  • Promotion items
  • Event / tradeshow materials
Maggey Felix, Managing Director

Maggey Felix
Managing Director, MaFe, LLC

About The Founder

While working with numerous cybersecurity and high tech companies, Maggey quickly learned the important role strategic, quality, and measurable marketing plays within technology related organizations. Prior to founding MaFe, LLC, Maggey was the Director of Marketing and Operations at CyberTECH, a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) network. Additionally, Maggey was the Director of Marketing and Operations at CyberUnited, a cybersecurity intelligence consulting firm where she led various marketing efforts for cybersecurity and technology companies both nationally and internationally. Prior to joining CyberUnited, Maggey was the Marketing Manager for Norman Shark, a forensics malware analytics company, recently acquired by Blue Coat Systems. In 2011, Maggey worked for Congressman Michael McCaul, U.S. Representative for Texas’s 10th Congressional District where she assisted with cybersecurity research and legislation. Maggey received a Political Science degree from Texas A&M University.

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